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Economic Analysis


Do you know how your project has been performing this year vs. pre-Covid years? Do you know who your demographic customers are? Do you know where they are traveling from? Do you know how you measure to your local/regional/national competitors? We do. 

Emerald Capital has propriety real time data to assess your business to outline demographic data, foot traffic counts into your business, as well as where people traveled before and after visiting your business, among other data points. Emerald Capital can use this data to provide recommendations to improve your business operations.

Project Site Planning

Do you know what the best use for your site is? We can help. Emerald Capital works with clients using up-to-the-minute data to assess a given site and determine the best use for that site. Emerald Capital will then assist in formulating a plan to best layout your site for ease of traffic and accessibility. Our services include vision and implementation, master planning and rezoning, planning development, entitlement programming, architectural coordination, and site layouts. 

Site Selection

Are you looking for a new location? We can assist. Emerald Capital works with clients to assess goals of their organization in a new territory/location and uses proprietary data/research to find the best fit.  Emerald Capital also assists in negotiating local and State incentives that would be available for the project.

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