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Local/State Incentives


Each project is unique and qualifies for different incentives in their respective city or State. Emerald Capital can work with you to assess what incentives/programs your given project would qualify for. We will also work with you and your local municipality or state agency to apply and receive financing/incentives from a given program.


The New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program provides an approximate 20% subsidy for a given project. For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations can use NMTCs as part of their financing if they are located in a qualified census tract and provide impacts to the community they serve. NMTCs are awarded to projects from Community Development Entities (CDEs) that win annual NMTC “Allocation” awards from the US Treasury (CDFI Fund).


How Emerald Capital Can Help:

  • Phase 1: Emerald Capital will work with you to get an understanding of all of the community impacts that your project will deliver. We will then assemble this information into a marketing packet to garner the interest from CDEs and Investors.

  • Phase 2: Not all CDEs and Investors are created equally. Each CDE has a different focus in how they participate in the NMTC program. Emerald Capital has relationships with the CDE market to know where your project fits in the landscape for NMTCs. We will take a targeted approach at the right CDE to market your project and ultimately gain their commitment in a form of a “Reservation Letter”.

  • Phase 3:  Emerald Capital will assist in leading the closing process.  This will include weekly calls to discuss financial models, documentation, Real Estate/Construction Due Diligence and leading closing calls. 

  • Phase 4: Emerald Capital also offers post-closing services through the 7 year compliance period that includes project reporting to CDE and Investor.


Historic Tax Credits


Historic Tax Credits provide a 20% federal tax credit for Certified Historic Buildings. Emerald Capital has relationships with all of the major Investors in the Historic Tax Credit Market and can work with you to identify, present, and secure Investors for your Historic project.

PACE Financing

Property Accessed Clean Energy Financing is a program that allows for favorable financing to projects that are implementing green/environmentally friendly building materials and FF&E into a building. PACE can typically finance up to 30% of a given project’s total cost. Emerald Capital has built strong relationships with the major PACE lenders and can assist you in securing financing from a PACE lender.

Debt Financing

Emerald Capital has strong relationships with lenders across the United States from SBA to USDA to traditional lenders. We can work with you, assess your specific project/need and assist in marketing your project to the lender that would be the right fit for your given needs.

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