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Emerald Capital's Strategic Services

Get what you need - from simple reports to comprehensive solutions.

We Make Market Intelligence Easier

Real-time location data analyzed by real-world development experts to eliminate guesswork.

Market Intelligence Can Make or Break a Project

Analyzing market data allows real estate developers, businesses and manufacturers, nonprofit project sponsors, and municipal leaders to discover patterns and trends that help them make better decisions.
The problem is most market data is outdated by the time you analyze it. You need data that:
Goes beyond foot traffice to evaluate your market
Identifies gaps in a community's goods and services
Demonstrates project viability to prospective investors and lendors

Emerald Capital Provides Leading-Edge Data You Can Trust

We augment decades of real-world experience with advanced, AI-generated data to provide unprecedented market intelligence. We aggregate data using proprietary platforms, then analyze and translate it into an actionable report that can be purchased for individual use or included in a comprehensive real estate consulting engagement.
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We Make Navigating Real Estate Development Easier

Guidance, resources, and bespoke consulting services to reduce uncertainty during real estate development.

Real Estate Development is a Risky Business

Even seasoned developers can be blindsided by surprises.  First, you have to evaluate and/or acquire the target property. 
Then you have to:
Ensure the need is there and the community is on board
Obtain funding from investors, bankers, and incentive programs
Assemble a reliable team of architects, suppliers, general contractors and subcontractors
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At Emerald Capital, We Offer a Rare Spectrum of Real Estate Development Support

Co-located with a leading commercial real estate developer with eight distinct divisions, our team often consults with colleagues for expertise, tools, and technology without the need for a formal engagement. This saves our clients time and money. When we have an industry-specific question, we just walk down the hall and ask.

We Make Financing Capital Projects Easier

Favorable financing from multiple sources to move a project forward and support long-term success.

Lack of Capital
Kills a Project

You don't have the cash flow, collateral, or track record needed to qualify for a bank loan
Interest rates are budget-crushingly high
You are missing just one key piece of capital needed to proceed

Emerald Offers Creative Capital Solutions

Our experience and relationships on the lender, investor, and incentive side of the equation gives us an edge in structuring favorable financing from multiple sources to move your project forward, stay within budget, and sustain long-term success. 
Not only does our broad network and deep expertise ensure you have access to the most favorable financing tools but that you proactively minimize risk and maximize potential for future growth. 

One of the many ways we help clients manage risk is by deferring our payment until the project closes.
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