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Emerald Capital's Year in Review (2022)

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Happy New Year & 12-Month Review


Below is a snapshot of the impactful projects and new Emerald Captial team members over the past 12 months. We look forward to connecting with you in 2023!


Jeff Frankel

Jeff Frankel

Jeff Frankel joined Emerald Capital in Q3 of 2022 as Senior Vice President. Before working at Emerald Capital, Frankel served as the Assistant Vice President of New Market Tax Credits at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, where he led the Heartland Regional Investment Fund, a $180MM community development entity. Frankel also led operations and compliance for Nvsted, an equity crowdfunding platform that connected St. Louis-based start-ups to accredited and non-accredited investors in a centralized marketplace.

Frankel’s previous positions also include financial, compliance and risk analysis for U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corp. We are excited that Jeff has joined the Emerald Capital team!


Elevation Workspace Emerald Capital assisted Kingsway Development in sourcing and closing $6MM in NMTC Allocation, as well as $1.9MM in PACE financing and $2.7MM in debt financing. We want to thank Elm Tree, IFF, US Bancorp Community Development Corporation, St. Louis Development Corporation, and Twain Financial Advisors in partnering on this transformative project. Elevation is a minority-led development that will be creating 70+ jobs and providing retail, office, and coworking spaces with the aim of bridging the "Delmar Divide". Closed | Late December 2021

Tiger Fiber Emerald Capital assisted Tiger Fiber, a commercial hemp producer, in closing $7MM in NMTC Allocation. We want to thank Heartland Regional Investment Fund and US Bancorp Community Development in partnering on this project. Tiger Fiber will create a new industry with the first industrialized hemp operation in St. Louis. Tiger Fiber will create approximately 90 FTEs with the majority being accessible, quality jobs. Closed | March 2022

WholeStone Emerald Capital assisted and closed $40MM in total allocation to allow WholeStone to modernize and expand their operations in Fremont, Nebraska. We want to thank US Bancorp CDC, Stonehenge, Dudley Ventures, and Greenline Ventures for their allocation support and investment in this project. WholeStone will create 800 FTEs with the majority being accessible, quality jobs. Closed | March 2022

Thor Boats Emerald Capital assisted and closed $7MM in NMTC Allocation that allowed Thor Boats to establish operations in Union City, Tennessee. We want to thank Cadence Community Capital for their investment and allocation. Thor Boats will create 80+ FTEs with 100% being accessible, quality jobs. Closed | June 2022

Climate by Design International Emerald Capital sourced and closed $27MM in NMTC Allocation for the new facility located in Owatonna, Minnesota. We want to thank US Bancorp CDC, Midwest Minnesota CDC, Mascoma Bank, and Sunrise Banks for providing allocation and investment in this impactful project. Climate by Design will create 140+ FTEs while retaining 155 FTEs of their existing employment in the rural/low-income community. Closed | October 2022


Efficacy Development

Emerald Capital is assisting Efficacy Development in programming a corridor in North St. Louis that will bring new construction to an area that has not seen new development in decades.

Easton Development

Easton is building a 30,000 SF mixed-use development on Martin Luther King Blvd. in North St. Louis. Emerald Capital is providing development consulting for Easton Development. Emerald Capital is also assisting in raising financing and incentives including New Markets Tax Credits for Easton Development.


Emerald Capital is assisting a development in St. Louis County in Wellston to provide development consulting services for their office and retail development.




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